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Sandy Black, Principal Investigator: Interrogating Fashion Research Cluster, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. Professor in Fashion &Textiles Design & Technology; Inter-and multi-disciplinary design intersecting with new and old technologies; writing on sustainability, fashion, knitwear and technology.

Dr Sonia Ashmore, V&A Research Fellow, previously at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, 'Shopping Routes: Networks of Fashion Consumption in London's West End 1945-1979.'images Part of ESRC/AHRC Cultures of Consumption research programme. Christopher Breward, Edwina Ehrman, Caroline Evans

Jeni Bougourd, Project manager of Size UK Survey, a consortium of 40 industrial and academic partners created a new survey of body size and shape using 3D scanning technology. Developing new collaborative applications of 3D Body scanning for made-to-measure, mass customisation, health and beauty studies and other applications.

Professor Christopher Breward Head of Research, V&A. The production, consumption and representation of fashion and the study of clothing in an inter-disciplinary context.

Caroline Broadhead, Course Director BA (HONS) Jewellery Design and reader at Central St Martins, UAL. Artist working with the dress as metaphor, installation and exploratory work in theatre. Caroline Broadhead

Dr Jessica Bugg, Academic Co-Ordinator, Director of Programmes (Performance). Study entitled: Interface: concept and context as innovative strategies for fashion design.

Professor Bernard Buxton, Dept of Computer Science, University College London. Cloth and garment modelling and simulation; 3D body size and shape analysis, modelling, visualisation and animation; statistical pattern recognition and data-processing.

Darren Cabon, MA Course Director Fashion Design Technology, London College of Fashion Fashion designer with particular interest in interfaces between fashion and music.Sandy Black - Eco Chic

Rebecca Capper, Designer, BT Design Manager in the Media team in BT's Chief Technology Office. Coming from Research she has a background in wearables, interactive toys for sensory communication and the evolution of devices. Currently she is working on organic devices and with a range of institutions to develop the Innovation message.

Dr Angus Carlyle, Reader in Sound Art and Design, London College of Communication, UAL. Intersection of technology, culture and creativity. Architecture, digital media, fashion, sound and music.

>Judith Clark, Reader in the Field of Fashion and Museology, Principal Lecturer and Co-Director MA Fashion Curation, LCF. Former joint V&A/LCF Senior Research Fellow, the exhibition of dress and the architecture of fashion curation.

Philip Delamore, Senior Research Fellow and Director of Digital Design Studio, LCF. Engineered fashion design, digital printing and the creation of 3D design and manufacturing interfaces for fashion, footwear and accessories.

Rebecca Earley, Reader in Textiles, Textiles, Environment, Design(TED) project, Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL. Research explores ways in which the textile designer can create fashion products that have a reduced impact on the environment. Projects, including Eden Project 2000-2002, Material 2001 and the AHRB funded 5ways 2002, have explored aspects of natural plant dyes, recycling and redesign. Peugeot Design Award winner. Principal Investigator on the Ever & Again project, 2007-2009, funded by the AHRC.

Dr Claudia Eckert, Senior Lecturer, Design and Innovation, The Open University. Formerly Assistant Director, Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge. Industrial knitwear design processes, design theory and methodology, design process: cognition, communication, planning.

Vivienne Gaskin, Former Director of performing Arts and Digital Media at the ICA, London. Her current programme focuses on the relationship between the live and the digital. Vivienne was previously Head of Artistic programme and Education at the CCA in Glasgow, and is currently a lecturer at Birkbeck University and mentor at the BBC Education.

Angie Geary PhD (RCA) FRSA, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the SCIRIA Research Unit at Camberwell College of Arts. She researches applications of touch based (haptic) and multi- sensory virtual environments in the arts. Her current projects include simulation training for conservation and V-HIP, an AHRC funded project to develop virtual engraving tools for intaglio printmaking. Her research interests include: dynamic modelling of brittle materials, haptic simulation of deformable materials, cultural heritage visualisation and computer interface innovation for craft and design practice.

Dr Frances Geesin, Reader in Materials and Textiles, LCF. Textiles and technology transfer, interactive textiles and artworks using electro deposition, photonics and nanotechnology.Spectres-Judith-Clark

Steven Harkin, Steven Harkin Design. Active practitioner in Design, development and production of accessories for local and international markets, for retail and exhibition.

Ceri Isaac, Research Fellow, LCF. Textile designer specializing in digital surface design and the new design styles for the inkjet printing of textiles, design applications and custom markets emerging for this technology. Also concerned with work flow and colour management.

Veronika Kapsali, Programme Leader for BA and MA Fashion Degree at Middlesex University, Director of MMT Textiles Ltd. Metropolitan Comfort - application of biometric principles to clothing systems for thermal comfort.

Dr. Sarah Kettley, Senior Lecturer Product Design, Nottingham University. Researcher, Napier University, Edinburgh, PhD Research in electronically mediated socially interactive networked jewellery; craft as a design methodology

Janne KyttanenIan Pearson Formerly BT's futurologist, who tracks new technology developments and works out their likely implications for business and society.

Janne Kyttanen, Managing Director, Freedom of Creation, Design Consultancy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 3D laser sintered printing technology for rapid prototyping.

Dr Mark Miodownik, NESTA Fellow and Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, King's College, London. Materials science, specifically in the areas of self-assembly of micro/nanostructure and biomaterials. Awarded a NESTA fellowship in 2003 to build a new materials archive for artists, designers and architects.

Lee Nicoll, Consultant in Printed Textiles Research, previously director of design research and development for CAD and digital print technology at il Centro Studi e Ricerche, Ratti S.p.A., Como, Italy.Lucy Orta

Professor Lucy Orta, Professor of Art, Fashion and the Environment, LCF. Fashion, art and architecture's engagement with society, urban planning, cultural heritage and political and ecological policies. Humanitarian design.

John Piper, Formerly Research Scientist at Kodak's European Research Facilities Based in both London and Paris. Current work - Advanced forms of human-computer interaction and data presentation, covering - smart spaces/intelligent environments, ambient intelligence, ubiquitous computing multi-modal interaction, augmented reality, portable computing/imaging.

Professor Dai Rees, Course Director, MA Fashion Artefact and MA Fashion Footwear, LCF. "Patronage, Artisan, Media and Audience" takes the relationship between the Renaissance Artisan/Craftsman and patron as the model to create a body of work for evaluation in the gallery environment. Via research of typography and the acquisition of skills of marquetry and illumination, It will develop new technical methods to inlay materials into the surface of hand moulded leather hide.

Frances Ross, Course Director, Fashion Marketing and Design Management, LCF. Researching issues around contemporary bespoke tailoring including the future use of body-scanning, websites, and e-tailing.

Nicky Ryan, Senior Lecturer, Visual Culture & Theory, LCC. Research interests include work on PhD thesis investigating cultural-commercial collaborations and the interrelationship between corporations, artists, non-profit cultural institutions, governments and audiences. Other research interests include the evolution of the museum in the 21st century, the intersections between museum and retail cultures and the critical concepts of luxury and glamour.

Dr Philip Sams, former 'White Space' Manager, Unilever Research, Port Sunlight, UK. Research into clothes care and fashion/science interactions to inform future consumer products.

Helen StoreyJenny Shellard, Senior Lecturer Textiles, London College of Fashion. Practice based research focusing on light-interactive woven textiles - installations which integrate precisely engineered textiles with U.V and light emitting screens. The work seeks to interrogate and challenge definitions and perceptions of hand made textiles particularly with regard to presentation and context.

Prof. Helen Storey MBE, Professor of Fashion and Science, LCF. Visiting Professor at Kings College London, Heriot Watt University. Her work widely spans the arts, sciences and new technology fields. She produces projects which illuminate aspects of science and well being in ways that directly interact with the public, with the broad aim of helping individuals reach their full creative potential, and create better lives.

Natalie Stutzmann – Stingelin, Research Fellow, Imperial College – University of London Current research interests include novel fibers for advanced [fashion] textiles, (multi)functional organic and inorganic/organic matter, and polymer electronics.

Dr Stan Swallow, Director, Intelligent Textiles Limited. Electronic design engineer, developing woven fabric circuitry, components and electrical fabric products.

Asha Peta Thompson, Director, Intelligent Textiles Limited. Textile designer, developing woven fabric circuitry, components and electrical fabric products.

Simon Thorogood, Research Fellow, LCF. Fashion's connections with architecture, music, technology etc. Communication of fashion and processes of design.

Professor Hitoshi Ujiie, Director of Center for Excellence of Digital Inkjet Printing of Textiles at Philadelphia University. Intersection of design and technology in non-impact printing applications.

www.hitoshiujiie.comJenny Shellard

Julian Vincent, former Professor of Biomimetics, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath. Application of biological mechanisms and materials within engineering and design (includes architecture and textiles); adaptation of existing methods for technology transfer (e.g. TRIZ); management of innovation.

Dr Suzette Worden, Professor of Design, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. Research interests involve innovative uses of digital technologies for art and design practice. This forms part of an interdisciplinary project on wool and comfort and the use of design-led strategies for innovation in Western Australia. This work, which includes an investigation of 3D knitting and body scanning, situates creative practice in the context of added value for wool production in the global economy.

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