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INTERROGATING FASHION brings together a wide-ranging group of academics, artists, designers, scientists and technologists to interrogate and challenge existing practices and processes in fashion and clothing.

Operating as a network cluster during 2005, INTERROGATING FASHION identified key questions and developed research projects that would have a genuine impact on the manufacturing sector, creating new paradigms and opportunities, which will, by design, be more sustainable.

The cluster explored research themes which spanned the entire spectrum of fashion creation: from inspiration and concept development, through innovative design processes and applications of emerging technologies to production (for example rapid prototyping, 3D body scanning, digital printing), presentation of fashion in a range of contexts, and audience engagement with issues raised. Although the scope and context is large, overlapping themes will focus on key areas where potential for new paradigms and technology transfer is greatest. Themes centred around the socio-economic issues of transience and sustainability in relation to fashion; design innovation issues in fashion processes and products; and cultural issues of creating new fashion discourse through modes of presentation, interaction and display.

There are three overlapping themes:

INTERROGATING FASHION is led by PI Sandy Black, Professor in Fashion &Textiles,Design & Technology at  London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London and funded by EPSRC and AHRC.

The cluster operated during 2005 with a series of events culminating in a symposium and an experimental fashion event, and led to a number of new initiatives. These include the project Considerate Design for Personalised Fashion, developing the Considerate Design toolkit, and the journal Fashion Practice: design, creative process and the fashion industry, plus a number of publications including Eco Chic: the Fashion Paradox. For more information please visit the news page!

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